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Libby is a graduate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with dual degrees. She earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Printmaking and her Bachelors in Communication Studies in 2003. She completed course work at The Savannah College of Art & Design, The Lorenzo D'Medici in Florence, Italy and The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. 


A one-time Production Manager for a busy ad agency, an Operations Manager for a thriving architecture firm, a Regional Manager for a sales and demo agency, and a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a manufacturer, Libby has held a several key positions across multiple disciplines. She likes to call that experience. 


Libby is an accomplished blogger with her first blog now reaching 15,000 hits a month.   She now writes 9 blogs with over 17 creative posts per week.  She loves pretty things: photography, weddings, crafts, personalized items, and all things paper. She's still all over social media, posting up a storm. 


As she prepared to take on a new last name in 2008, Libby started trying to make "Libby O" happen.  She thought Libby O sounded a whole lot like the style icon and first lady, Jackie O.   Libby's still trying to make it happen so when it came time to open her business, she named it: Libby O Marketing. 


Originally from Winchester, MA (a suburb of Boston), Libby moved to Hilton Head Island in 2003 and has two kids, Molly and Connor who are 9 and 6.  Busy and loving it, Libby is the master of creating a to-do list and getting it done. 





Jenny adds 12 years of online marketing expertise.  With extensive knowledge in Google Ad Campaigns, SEO, website development, and specializing in Twitter and Pinterest, Jenny drives traffic to our clients businesses.   


Jenny is a graduate of Miami Univeristy in Ohio with a B.F.A. in Fine Arts. She is a world traveler (quite literarly) and now resides in Birmingham, UK with her husband, Dan.





Interested in joining our team? Are you passionate about social media? Are you passionate about writing?  We are looking for Twitter, copy writers and a graphic designer to join our team. Send your resume today and Contact us!